Bulan Kekasih

This whole month is all about them flowers and anything that spells romantic. I have never arranged that many bouquet in a span of a week. Tough job! All this can’t be attain without the help of Fiq, who’s been driving me up and down Far East Flora to get my flower shopping done. Lucky me it was the CNY period and the shop closes past midnight. The parking lot was limited and it was crazy trying to go against the crowd of which I personally feel are also on the same mission as me.

Apart from the hand bouquet that I did, my sistles requested me to do a paper flower with filled with chocolates in the mason jars. Such an interesting concept! (cause this sistles of mine felt that having a ferero bouquet is a little too mainstream?! AMBOI!!) annnnnd wallaaaaaa!

Pinterest been really helpful eversince I decided to jump into the craft bandwagon. Everything about orang puteh wedding spells beautiful. Really love all their moodboards. I can only wish that I have that much time to spare and concentrate more but unfortunately, kakak here has a full time job + a home that’s bonded with me for my whole life. HAHA!

With that being said, I hope the receivers of the flower bouquet loved it as much as I do. There is one from a lady to a gentleman which I find it sooo sweet! Red roses no less… Naaaaawwwww ❤

5 thoughts on “Bulan Kekasih

      1. Yah i remembered seeing yr face on her ig. Lol! Yes yes we hang out every now and then lol


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