And what do you know, it’s Sunday already. Most of my friends would know that Fiq and myself spent most of our time here in his office. Him doing his photo editing, while I on the other hand, will be seated at a corner slotting his albums and at times, I’ll find myself catching up with my favourite teevee series. Weekend to us both is as good as non exist because Fiq will be working his weekends away and me on the other hand (on alternate weekends) will be working too. Our weekdays super precious!

Fiq have been such a darling eversince we got married. No, I am not here to angkat eh, but he has been really good at taking care of my feelings although he is jammed packed with 101 things at the back of his head. I  feel bad each time I merajuk tak tentu pasal just because he has to work on my day off. I am just so thankful that Fiq been working really hard for us. Thank you my love, till our next Sunday adventures together! Love you!

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