Bee Kay Kay!

The long awaited sistle’s trip have finally to come an end. The last we took an adventure trip was to KL, this year we took it out to BKK! A colleague of mine decided to join us too. We have been planning this trip ever since December 2014, can you believe it? Leave below lagi approve tapi da gatal sangat semua da buat research ape nak buat, nak stay at which area and best part of it all… nak cafe hop kat mana also was part of our itinerary guys! (go hard or go home!!) hahaha.

Day 1: We didn’t do anything much. Finding our hotel was a torture. We took the wrong turn and it took us a mere half hour to get to our hotel which was supposedly be a 10 mins walk from the BTS. LOL! I choose to believe that this bound to happen when its your first trying to locate the hotel. Minutes later, we found our suite and we are really pleased with the turn out of our little place for the next 3 nights. Here’s a little clip of our place and sorry if the quality kinda suck.. presenting to you PACHARA SUITE SUKHUMVIT 

After we check-in, we got ready and decided to have an early dinner before venturing out late. Syaza been googling about places to lepak, eat and what have she plan for us this trip. Since flying, I have been strict with my food intake. You won’t find me consuming non halal meat, I’ll go vegan if there is a need to. Alhamdulillah, it wasn’t too difficult to find halal eatery around. USMAN was our choice for dinner. No doubt that place was difficult to locate but with taxi around, it wasn’t really hard. Had to endure 30mins in a cab ride which was supposedly be 10mins if we took the BTS. hahaha!

After a fulfilling dinner, we head down to TERMINAL 21. Heard so much reviews about this mall. What’s interesting about this mall is the different airport concept on every level. Even the toilet cubicle too. Super interesting! Apart from the interesting mall concept, we did not bagged home anything from here. No doubt everything they sell here is unique as majority of its clothing line are from their home grown brand, but we girls have a bigger plan to spend our moo lahs at PLATINUM MALL.


Day 2:

Shopping time! hehehe. We woke up as early as 8AM just to beat the crowd in PLATINUM. Things we do eh for shopping sungguh melampau! hahahah. While shopping, guess who we bumped into……… YES YOU GUYS! SCHA + AWAL YOU ALLS!! You all kenal tak? hahaha! 

After all the shopping, we decided to chill at one of the cafe to go list, PETITE AUDREY.  I’ve read so much about their famous Thai Tea Crepe Cake and they definitely live up to its name. It’s like literally drinking thai ice tea you guys! The second choice of our dessert was too sweet to our liking. Banana cake with chocolate topping and marshmellows going around it. Wish we could have tried the entire menu of dessert, but we surrendered at 2.


Day 3:

We found ourselves back at PLATINUM MALL again because rasa macam tak puas shopping gitu! (whats new yati?!) After rounds and rounds tawaf the mall, we took the tuk tuk back to our place. IMHO, the tuk tuk wasn’t really a comfortable ride because of its too short of a height for us. Most times we found ourselves slouching. Ann I think it is way cheaper to take a cab via meter. Although the price that they quoted us is not as expensive, I feel we could have saved that substantial amount for other uses sey. Oh well, it’s an experience so just suck it up.

After putting down our shopping bags, we decided to cafe hop to another venue, ROAST. Really love the ambience of this place! So relax and super hipster. Although it is a cafe bistro, the atmosphere they put in to bring up this cafe is beautifully done. We had a late lunch which comprise of tuna pasta which turns out really good. Not so oily and spicy just like how I like it. And what’s a full lunch without us ordering some sweet treats to end the course? We ordered not 1 but 2. The cookie dough soufflé so sedap please! I need to learn how to bake them. Kat youtube macam senang gitu eh.

After all the calorie intake, we travelled all the way to the end of the BTS for the weekend night market at TALAT ROT FAI. This place buat orang jade giler babe! So many vintage stuff to choose from. Especially if you are intending to buy cheap bargains for housing appliances, this is the place for you! There’s lamps, light bulbs, wash basin, bath tub, vintage trunk bags for you to choose from. Tell me how not to control myself? Everything here is buy-able.

Don’t get me started with the street food. We were really fortunate to find halal street food. I have always been curious why is it so sedap and what are these sauces and how it tasted like. Alhamdulillah, we get to tapaoed these delicacies for us to try for dinner. So far this trip have been nothing short of any halal eatery.

Since day 1, we have been searching high and low for an authentic mango sticky rice, but to no availability. We were very lucky that on our last night here in BKK, we took a cab from TALAD ROT FAI and the cab driver was really nice to drive us to the famous mango sticky rice in the whole of Bangkok! Presenting to you MAE VAREE. Cravings satisfied! Muka bannyak senyum!

We bagged home these yummy meringue that we pre-ordered right after we checked into our hotel. So glad we ordered a carton home because these yummy goodness is so sedap you guys! WE TAK BEDEK! Nak order, you can order from them when you come here RENA BAKERY


That summarise our trip to BKK, if you have notice, most of the links here are from trip advisor. I trust only trip advisor because they have honest reviews, real life photos and also google maps for you to refer to! So there you have it, till our next all girls!


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