Bridal Picnic

The day we have been waiting for is finally here. My primary school girlfriend is finally ending her singlehood in less than a 100 days! As we age, the term bachelorette night doesn’t seem to appeal anymore. The bride leave the planning up to me and of course, me being the semangat one when it comes to such stuff. I was reading a blogger’s preparation journey to her wedding and I stumbled across how the bride and her MOH had an intimate rustic dinner with all cushions and candles and flowers all around to create a very warmth atmosphere. Me like! (too bad I don’t have photos to justify the beauty of the night picnic)

Well, you know Singapore has limited places to make up for the event. And I come across some random IG popular feed and the set up was pretty close to what I have imagined it to be. Decided to twist it a little and not chanelling too much of rustic touch to anything….. and I come up with this. With the help of the rest of the BM, everything was planned out smoothly. Every things you see here is the Bride’s favourite from colour of the flowers, to the type of flowers, her favourite drink, her favourite city to go to and favourite muse.


So glad that everything fall into place! Alhamdulillah. In return, we got ourselves a surprise made by the Bride herself. A bridesmaid gift pack! Awwww, even the bride also creative you know 😀

I’ve received some inquiry with regards to the set up for pre-wedding set up. Well you guys know what? I am all yours if you need setting up services. Drop me some love to know more! Till my next crafts adventure 🙂

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