Sundays in KL


Sundays this time spent over in KL for a relative’s wedding. You have no idea how many times I keep awwwing at their very simple dais. I for an instance, not a fan of those living room / rustic / whatever the trend concept is now. I am more of a very simple and elegant touch whereby tak busy biler nak amek gambar with pantin. To witness this relative who got married today definitely bring back fond memories of our wedding too.

Fiq came along with me and as expected we both find ourselves smitten by the whole niceties of the event. This uncle of ours have recently been awarded a pangkat Dato’, needless to say everything was prim and proper and the guest attendees were all dressed up in traditional baju. LOVE IT!

During the whole event, the pantin did not even sit at the pelamin. They are seated at the dining table feasting with us guest. The only time they were seated at the pelamin was during the last part when nak potong cake and family photo session. Takde la macam kita orang singapore, kalau boleh semua orang nak masok frame with pantin -_-

Well, all in all, it was definitely an experience for us. From the beginning to the end, everything was really organised and tertib. Takde makcik kecoh sana sini nak sebok-sebok order sana sini. Everyone was seated accordingly and enjoying every moment with the pantin. Bummer that we missed the sanding malam berinai, malam nikah, hari sanding before the wedding dinner itself. YES GUYS, its a 4days 4nights event! Heard from aunt said the hadang is those traditional pantun berpantun! Aaaaawww, must have been an awesome one. I can only imagine!

And after the whole wedding shennanigans, you know la what we do best? Makan lor! 🙂 Till next time!

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