May Day, May Day!!

Believe me when I say, I have a lot of backlog entries which is pending to be published in this blog of mine. I can’t find the time to sit down and type everything down especially on my precious day off. Day off means, I have to attend to all of my house chores namely groceries shopping, going to the florist, visit my in-laws and last but not the least, I’m trying my best to squeeze in occasional girlfriend / husband date night.

About a year ago, we decided to change our maid after the last one lasted for 7years. Our new current maid have been giving me too much problems that I do not know where do I begin. Is it just me or these maid that have been working in the middle east, demanding? They demand so much and up to a point of making comparisons working here in SG and ME. To me, work is work, there is no two ways about it, why the comparisons, am I right? Been contemplating to send her back, but the cost of getting a new maid is really high, even the agent suggested us to bear with her till her contract ends next april.

Moving on to our upcoming house, all levels are already high up. Left with all the painting job and perhaps all the nitty gritty stuff that needs to be done. We are one step closer guys to our new home. Oh my! Has 3 years pass by so fast? We have yet to decide what kind of home concept too, and we are still not ready to depart with that sum of money too. Living in SG is all about the money man.

Talk about so much to update, i’ll find some time to blog later, gotta run to browhause to get my eyebrow and upper lip fix. Any thicker, i’ll turn into a cat with a thick whiskers and brows! Toodles!

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