So in the mood to blog because, recently fiq and myself visited some friends for their house warming, and it kind of inspire me to google pinterest worthy home renovation ideas. We have heard so much about the lack of space in the newly built BTO houses, but in all honestly? What can we do right? Made do lor.

Initially we thought of having these scandinavian themed for our upcoming abode, but fiq doesn’t like the idea of having that brick wall concept, because he feels like ALL and I mean every household seemed to have this brick wall concept as part of their featured wall. So I guess it’s a definite no in our case!

I made a collage of what I hope our future house will turn out. Never mind the lack of space, insha allah, with careful planning, everything will fall into place. As you can see from the collage above, WE LOVEEEEEE EVERYTHING WHITE! White makes the space clean and spacious. We love the idea of having minimal colours input in our future home. The colours you would probably see are the decoratives and all the nitty gritty stuff.

We wanted our future home to feel as cosy as possible, this photo is exactly how I would love our future space to turn out. YUPPPPP, I actually typed NYC apartments and these photos instantly come out on pinterest. Haishhh, what would I do without you dear pinterest! You are my moodboard for everything! I’ve read from fellow blog girls that preparations should start at least a year before you get your keys. Since mine will probably be ready in 2016/2017, I still feel its too early to get the necessary stuff. I don’t have much spaces to play around at my mom’s place too. For now, I’ll just continue saving till its time to to input on our future home. Toodles now 🙂

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