Sundays at the Penny University

It is kind of unusual to have Fiq day off on a weekend. When he does, its a brunch date! As usual, Fiq will leave the entire sourcing out for places to me and this week, we picked Penny University. I’ve been here before for their cakes and drinks. The last visit was when we had to collect Fluffbakery’s cupcakes here. Oh yes memories! I was craving badly and the cupcakes is a sell out, Fiq surprised me with a box of goodness and he’s just so lucky that the owner was his client previously.

Looking through their menu reminds me so much about London. With the minimal kind of breakfast they had to offer, the Turkish eggs caught my attention while glancing through the list. Greek yogurt with eggs and sourdough bread by the side no less. The taste is so heavenly and with that one serving, I was already full. Fiq had their signature french toast and it was really good too. Nothing can go wrong if it’s on a brioche bread guys, nothing! Maybe on our next trip if we get the chance, I’d love to try their big breakfast set, it looked so promising, I swear!

And the cakes guys.. the cakes! Just look at the range of cakes they have to offer! We tried the chocolate banana cake and it taste heavenly! That toffee apple cheesecake was calling out to me, but I had to stop at one. At the rate I’m going, I may just bubbled up 😀


There you have it, Turkish eggs + French toast to kick start our lovely Sunday. Not really a cafe enthusiast, but I am all out for great food adventure. If this doesn’t salivate you at this very moment, then I don’t know what else will. The thought of it makes me wanna come back and have it again! Slurrrppsssss!

What’s a Sunday without us being us? It’s interesting to know that even our friends call us the ‘Sundays Couple’. That made me blush guys, really! I am inspired to collect every of our Sundays series and turn it into a book. I know this sounds crazy, but somedays when either one of us is gone, this book of Sundays of ours, will definitely bring back lots of memory of us venturing out to places, buying props, trying out his different lens and the list goes on. It’s always nice to look back at happy memories, the one created especially with those that mattered. 

Thank you for always accommodating to my crazy ideas, F. You’ve been such an awesome possum partner, hon! Love you times infinity! ❤

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