waffles date 

You know the thing about having a BFF? You both can read each others mind whether you are having a bad day or you just needed to meet up to vent your frustration and just talk and chill have unlimited topic to talk about? Oh yes, this lady right here, I am glad we are still how it was since 20 years ago. WHUT? 20 friggin’ years? (lama tuuuuuuu)

If you must know, we are at that phase of going to geylang serai to find baju raya and after that lepak at some corner with a cup of starbucks and continue yakking till its time to go home. What have we turned ourselves into? we are not even 30 yet 😥 Apart from going to geylang, we are always always always always going to VivoCity. Because? It’s less than 10mins away from home. Pemalas tahap antarabangsa menyerlah! It’s not so bad la, since almost everything is there.

Just like any other meet up, first order of business? Makan! and the makan session does not stop there. It goes on and on till it was time for us to go home.

On a side note, how do you like my 5pounds espadrilles? Nice right?! Primark memang tempat puaka, they have everything under the sun. Can someone please franchise Primark into Singapore already?

My ultimate favourite, Thaksin Beef Noodles! I can never get tired of this soupy goodness!    While this selfie was taken, I had this conversation with Fiq.

Fiq: “Asyik celfie aje, cuba pass kan driving license, baru ade feel celfie dengan steering wheel”

Me: “Alaa, bus pass by sebelah saya, saya da takut sey. Ape lagi drive?”


YESSSS GUYS, it’s been close to 2years, I took my last BTT and until now I have yet to book my FTT and renew my PDL. I’m not born to drive but to be driven y’now?


And our girl time continue over waffles! We used to be big eaters when it comes to food, now? we find ourselves sharing a plate of waffles! Gosh, looking at this making me drool, udders ice-cream sound so good right now, be right back! ;D

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