before confinement begin

Before I could even blog about this event, exciting news came along and beat me up to it. 2 of my girlfriends have given birth to their precious prince and little princess! This was exactly a week before them lil babies decide to pop! Just like every other year, the gemini ladies (me included) will gather for a celebration. We opted for Fika swedish restaurant and just to share with you guys, you are NOT allowed to bring in any form of outside to this restaurant, birthday cake included okay? Ya I know right -_-

This year we celebrated 3weeks earlier before our actual birth dates. Yup that’s right, the title of this blog post says it all, folks. A week before the meet up, we couldn’t decided if we should order this sinful cake that we had some years ago while celebrating Yana’s 30th birthday. So glad we did ordered this cake cause it seems like everyone of us is still not over this cake yang sedap nak mampos! My friend Nazurah bake this lovely nutella ganache filled with mnm’s chocolate. Just look at that, how can anyone ever say no to this cake?!

Because we can’t have any form of outside food while in Fika, we moved to coffee bean just for this. Such a lovely time with my fly girls. Although all of us had left the airline, one thing never changes, …our crazyness and quirkiness. I dare say, flying made it less painful when my girls are flying with me. Good old days… now its just memories! Just look at us now, all married, settled in with kids and still as cheerful ever. The kind of friends which is hard to come by are those whom you met unplanned. Hey kids, when you guys grow up, you’ll understand the bond that we have is beyond precious.We hope it does the same for you when you’re all grown up, kids. Insha allah.


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