veteran #bloggirls


My 4th birthday cake cutting before turning 28. I think my friends knew that for every birthday, I am never in Singapore. This year, the cake cutting before the actual day itself is really overwhelming guys. Really, grateful for the gestures. I am truly blessed.

I haven’t kept in touch with them for quite sometime. For those of you who have been keeping up with me growing up since I was 19, many would have known that I met these girls through blogging. From a simple comment that leads to casual meet ups, and then with the boyfriends and now to being married with kids and last but not the least, having a place of our own. I have so much fond memories with these girls… nie la dia my veteran #bloggirls!

Before we turned 25, every year without fail, we knew that there would be surprises awaits us to celebrate our birthday month. After moving forward to that birthday phase, it was the wedding kecohness and I think you all would have guessed it right. We were all bridesmaid for one another’s wedding. Our wedding album and video filled with muka kita orang geng!

Twas’ great to see everyone that night catching up with one another. I live the furthest away from them (town girl, bro!). Looking through the years, it’s almost a decade I knew them through blogging.. SAY WHUTTT?!

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