White Resort Chic

My second conference with the CC team. As usual, I would anticipate the venue cause I think CC really invest a lot in reputable hotels/venue for staff not only to enjoy the great food but also the ambience. This year was held at Sentosa’s W hotel with a theme as mention above. How not to get excited? I had a lot of imagination in mind of what is in store for us the whole day 😀

This year we had @HEYROZZ as our host. Star strucked for a mo’ when I saw her for the first time! She’s so straightforward and tall and bubbly too! We had some team activities and below pretty much sum up the creativity from other division as well.


After the whole day staying indoors for the conference, we were treated to a boat ride to nowhere by the company! Truly unexpected! Alhamdulillah, the weather was on our side. We had a lovely view of the sunset and everyone truly enjoyed themselves. Ade jugak la kan, feeling ala rich and famous! If you all also nak have a feel for a boat party, you guys can hook up ROYAL ALBATROSS. Love everything about the setting, definitely fit the theme!


The month of June have been such a great month filled with lots of exciting adventures. Turning 28 have never been this good! I’m taking each step slowly and savouring every thing that comes my way. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity ❤

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