Planning for iftar have never been the same like it was before. Previously, we are not really bothered with where it will be or what we’ll be having. Eversince we have toddlers around, the venue is the most important on our top priority list. Well you know, toddlers.. they like to have their freeedoooom of movement and they just loveeeeeeeee to pull and snatch whatever things they saw come what may. HAHA!

After a lot of options were thrown, we finally decided on Desa Kartika. At first we decided to break fast at Tambuah Mas, but it’s just unfortunate that they serve alcoholic beverages hence that is why they do not attain the halal certificate. (if only it was like in KL, everything is halal although there’s alcohol beverages.. no one judge!) The food spread was really awesome but the tahu telor was quite a disappointment for me. I like my tahu telor banjir with lots of gravy, unfortunately for this one, its lack of the gravy! Tambuah Mas still top of my list for tahu telor!

As many of us knew, Desa Kartika is well known for their wedding venue. Hence, our seating arrangement pon macam gitu jugak! Food served was pretty slow despite the venue was not pack to its brim, perhaps they prepare everything fresh and it may take time. I’d recommend if you guys plan to break fast on time, don’t waste any time and order before 7PM. The rest was history 😉


We have another 2 newborn toddlers still in their panting days and another 1 on the way still cooking in her momma’s belly. Can you imagine having 5 toddlers? LOL. It’s going to be pretty exciting. Ended the night just hanging at cup page Starbucks and catching up with one another and we already started planning our Jalan Raya guys! Puasa blom genap pon!

That’s us trying to fit into a square and it’s obviously we can’t fit into. My SQ family is really expanding! Time really flew by fast indeed. Till our next gathering guys!

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