Bake night!

Hello 1st of July! We’re down with 16days left to Eid, guys! Time sure travel pretty fast these days, huh? Over the last weekend of June, the #veteranbloggirls decided to organize a bake night over at Nad’s crib. Part of the recipe that we have decided on is the MNM’s cookies and the evergreen cornflakes honey. The girls had started way earlier and trust me when I say, the process of baking takes a longer time. Alot of trial and error before the actual suhu ketuhar is finalised for the next batches to be baked. Unlike the cornflakes, it’s so much easier to manage 😀

Lol, just look that this lil tyke! Remember when we were little? Mothers loooooove to smear our faces with lots of powder? Here’s a living proof! Muka #naila_ifra da macam tepung gomak! ;D

And that’s us being totally wonked out from all the baking! It’s 3 frigging AM lor, masai terus! Yang si kecik pon maseh blom tidor, jiwa.. girl! hehehe! ❤

sayyy cheeese! ❤

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