Not so home alone..

Ramadhan has always been my favourite month. Not because we get to eat nice food every other day but for me, the part that I look forward to is catching up with my dear ones. Ad and myself have been friends for the longest time. We believe that family is everything despite all our differences. Never mind if either one of us never had a dad to love and care cause we know we have each others family members to fall back too.

I haven’t met Ad’s family for the longest time. The last time we sat down for a good meal was 2 years ago before I got married. Last weekend, I was home alone. Mom decided to leave the kitchen unattended for the day and I have to find my own means for salvation. chey chey chey! Sound so dramatic ey? Met Ad and her family for iftar over at REX Mackenzie. Been a long time I had such a huge spread. Always a good time her folks. Never fail to crack jokes with one another. I hope to grow old with FIq just like how her folks are!

Just look at the spread we had. I always thought my stomach couldn’t bear all these yummy food because ideally Ramadhan will somehow make you eat lesser, no? I was proven wrong! hahaha. We had our plates full. Look at that cereal prawn.. it’s calling out to me!

After all that food shenanigans, Ad had wanted to find some comforters for her bedroom. Out of randomness I told her ZARA was having their mid-year mark down and guess what? She changed her mind and decided to go shopping! Me and my big mouth. We spent an hour plus at ZARA. Seriously, I don’t know what’s up with us spending too much time in there. I end up becoming much agitated cause it was so humid! Happy us, we bagged home few hundreds worth of clothes, shoes and everything else that seemed worth it 🙂


Oh hey, that’s just us goofing around while waiting for our cup of KOI after all the shopping. I’m in dire need of deng-deng and otah-otah feast, geylang bazaar soon please? 😀

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