A la tur ka!

This Ramadhan is all about strengthening ties between friends. It’s been nothing short of great blessing since the beginning and I am really thankful for that. Last week, the girls ladies had planned a birthday dinner for Iffi’s 18th *cough cough* celebration and we had decided to dine in at Alaturka, Bussorah Street. Can’t remember when was the last time I lepak at Arab street sey? It’s beeen awhile! Is it just me or the place there seemed to be less exciting? Not really much of people watching to do, I feel ;/

Before the whole shenannigans of cutting cake and whats not, I gotta share this with you guys! hahaha. #naila_ifra is the cutest bub ever. WHO CALLS HER DAD BY HIS NAME? yuppp this little bub. Memang mintak kene masok perut mak dia balek, but how to refuse this lil’ bub cuteness? She is just too adorable please!

As usual, a family photo before anything else.

I am not really a fan of Turkish delicacies, but this chicken sabsuka is really good! (This dish sound so korean, kan?) It’s not too thick nor too watery and it’s just nice for 1 person portion. Only downside is that , it’s filled with too much vegies. Yikes! Not a fan of greens but I just had too. The other dish that I can’t resist has got to be their Pide! That one also supaaa addictive I tell you. Pizza that is so soft on the inside and the outside, I can’t even!

Just look at that, how can one say no?

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