geylang si paku geylang.

Selamat Hari Raya you guys! I know, I know.. my post is always lambat setapak but this blog post have been pending since forever. Al-maklumlah, nak tawaf the whole of bazaar to find the food that’s been raving about since the beginning Ramadhan. Here goes……

So.. we have heard about the most talk about coconut ice-cream right? We queued for at least half and hour for this eh. Kemarok la kan! This benda is so puaka, tak boleh share because it is too sedap! The topping I think can be better though. I love anything chocolate, mana tau it can be better with a drizzle of it? hehe!

Next we predicted was the ‘gorpis’ goreng pisang keju! The week before Ramadhan, I had my moment of craving for goreng pisang sprinkled with chocolate sprinklers and condensed milk. Told Fiq that I need to make so that I rasa puas you see. This was bought by the sistles to calm me down after a series of kecoh-ness at home. Because it’s already soggy the taste was pretty much expected. But it’s the thoughts that counts because the sistles went all out to queue for these. Thanks eh @tournesol 😀

Next we have the Thai ice tea and nutella shake. Fiq always think that we spend unnecessarily on food items where we can actually do it at home. That one I have to agree with him, but the hassle having to clean up takes alot of time and effort sey. I mean, yeah you minum aje but the preparation.. takde orang lor tolong. *cough cough* This was the longest time we queued for food. Nak masok satu jam wey! Nak order fikir dua tiga empat lima enam kali okay?

What caught my attention through out our food journey has got to be this flavoured sotong. It looked gross and the smell stink so bad guys! but the taste is awesome! We had the spicy sotong and the taste is divine! Can’t believe we actually paid $8 for that sotong. The rest of the plate are also my favourite. Who can resist otah-otah and deng-deng? WHO eh WHO?

Even hipster food wanna make their appearance okay?! Uhuh, churros were practically everywhere in the Bazaar. We had the gula melaka from one of the stall and this tasted surprisingly delicious. You can actually taste the gula melaka on the churros. All these overpriced food sure know how to get in my belly. You can eat my moneyyy la guys cause I am all out for great food.

Last but not the least my friends… my ultimo has got to be my bird nest drink. Every year must beli berbotol-botol to stock up for sahur and buka. Padahal boleh beli kat sengseh taooo.

I hope you guys had an exciting time this long weekend, I know I had and I can’t wait to share with you guys photos of eveything under the sun. Till my next post, toodles now!

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