Syawal 1436

Righhtttt… since I have a couple of hours before the blog girls beraya-ing at my crib, I better make full use of this time finishing up my post. I always have this habit of putting everything on hold and before I know it, a week or month has pass. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves feasting cause I do! All the lemak and rendang, are making itself comfortable in my belly. This year Ramadhan, I am pleased to announce that I weigh at 58KG (big deal for me sey)! Alot of hard work have been put to it since my last post. Honestly, I don’t really see much of a difference, but a lot of my fitness friends think its due to water retention. Whaatever that is, I am so glad that at least I get to see myself in the 50’s category! That made my tailor kinda pissed cause she had to alter my baju quite a bit 😀

The week before Syawal arrives, Fiq and myself took some time off from work to run Eid errands. That includes us going to and fro Geylang serai market and Bazaar u’olls! This year we didn’t have our trusty car with us, so we had to make do with our vespa. I always wonder how these couple does it when they have to lugged all their loots? For the first time, we managed everything on a vespa. Alhamdulillah. That also save us from spending a lot too!

Amidst the numerous trips to Geylang serai, selalu aje we forget to buy sampul duit and Fiq’s butang baju melayu. ALWAYS! Padahal it’s easily found everywhere. SIGHH PIE. This year is all about the minions and elsa’s and what not kan?

That week too, I went crazy with Fashionvalet’s Duck scarves. Not only I bought ONE, but I woke up early just to grab myself their Eid weave and DuckxAere collections. I love all these geometric design more than the plain ones. Ya ya I know excuses for me to buy says the husband. But how do I say no to their cute packaging too? No doubt it’s quite pricey for a scarf, but these are tooooo good to be missed!

This year too, we decided not to buy a lot of kueh-mueh off the bazaar because base on past experience, it wasn’t even sedap at all. But look at what we bought this year? Talk about being so hipster? Hipster kueh is here to stay! Ondeh-ondeh and Red Velvet tart from my ex-cabin crew friend HID. You guys can check her out, she does a lot of baking suitable for your needs! (nie bukan sponsor tau, barang baik must share!)


Malam raya mesti main bunga api! Kalau tak main bunga api macam tak syiok! I cannot imagine once all of us move out of this neighbourhood. It’s gonna be hard gathering each and everyone of us, but I really hope the bond we had will not grow apart. These guys have been growing up with me since we were 8 years old.

Lepas da puas buat rocket and berpeluh-peluh main bunga api, balek rumah sambung kemas rumah lor. I decided to have orchids for our home. My mom loveeeeee having big vases of flowers which I find it space consuming. And since we love walls and frames so much, told Fiq that I wanna frame up quran verses on the wall. We did it (despite all the inaccurate lobangs on the wall) it was all worth it! All these verses were taken off pinterest & google 🙂


Right after Fiq is done with his Friday prayers, ape lagi..kita kluar rumah and went to my aunt’s place where my grandmother is. These dishes is best eaten with the best crowd, family!

Outfit Day ONE  : We decided to choose coral this year. I can’t decide between this and lilac actually. I wanted to wear white songket, and I guess coral match well with the songket that we chose. Everything was tailor made and this whole look was inspired by INNAIRED. Before the tailoring begin, I had thought of going to KL just to tailor an outfit from the INNAI team. Fiq think its going to be a waste of time and effort cause I am only gonna be wearing it once, so I might as well get my tailor to do it for me. Alhadulillah, my tailor managed to! Before the happy faces with our ootd game on, a few days ago my maid did a terrible thing to our kain songket. The colour of the songket (both mine and fiq’s main pelikat) luntur and she kept quiet about it. SIGH. Really unfortunate but luckily for us, my tailor manage to help us tailor for another bottom.

Outfit Day TWO: This whole look was inspired by Alia Bastamam. Earlier this year, a relative of mine from KL had her wedding and the family have decided to go for emerald green. We decided to recycle this outfit and the material I chose was really cooling. And with that said, my tailor did another great job! Ohhh, you guys won’t believe it la kan, on the second day of eid, Schaalyaa wore the same outfit as me too! *senyum macam kambing*

Outfit Day Three: For Eid day three, my MIL tailored for me a dress, but unfortunately the dress was singkat for me, despite giving the measurement to MIL’s tailor. I was so heart broken that I didn’t know what to do cause the kain is really lovely. Thank god, my tailor manage my last minute request to re-tailor the whole look. We did a short peplum with a baju kurung pleats bottom.I wonder what can’t my tailor do. She is really my saving grace!

Last but not the least, what’s Eid without a family portrait kan? Here’s mine!

More Eid outing to be blog soon! Happy feasting guys!

2 thoughts on “Syawal 1436

  1. Your bajus are all so so cantik 🙂 just wondering, is your tailor in Singapore? I still haven’t found a tailor in Singapore who is good at replicating designs..


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