8th Syawal 1436

The day is finally here! A week before syawal, the blog girls and myself had already pre-planned this date for us to beraya. Since it’s only gonna be our houses, we decided to start out the day a little later. We rented a 7 seater car a day prior to the day. (Please do not to attempt this guys, hahaha!) Nie kirekan kes nasib tau dapat kereta. Thanks to Car Club, we scored a deal at the very last minute. Started our day right after the husband done with Friday prayers and off he went to pick them up at Pasir Ris. It’s even easier to liaise when they live at the same estate. Like every other year, my house will be the first. Almaklumlah, I am the only one yang tercampak!

Decided to whip some roti kirai with ayam kari for our guest too that day. I ordered some matcha brownies + chocolate fudge brownie from Brownie Connoisseur. I tell youuuuu, the matcha brownie is the bomb diggity! Even the gang agree! You guys should check them out if you are a green tea freak like me, this never disappoints! Try it and you’ll get hooked!

As usual, we just had to make a visit to the backyard. My house is literally a 5minutes walk to Portsdown. Since it is almost sunset, we decided to head down and snap some photos. TOO MANY PHOTOS TO CHOOSE FROM ❤ So hard to pick one.


Day 8 outfit: Top from Fashionvalet, bottom from POPLOOK. Initially I had wanted to wear last year’s outfit that I tailored that matched with Fiq. Unfortunately, the bottom is too singkat. I used to love all bottoms singkat then, right now need to mind my outlook since I’ve started donning the hijab, kannnnnn. My lucky starts must’ve aligned. I managed to find a top that matches our outfit for that day! YAY TO FASHIONVALET! How do we look? hehehe 😀

Next was Nad’s house. Nad couldn’t join us this year cause they had to work that day. I just realised that every year we are always beraya-ing on weekdays! hahaha. Everyone on a shift working hours, I guess this is the best that we could compromise with.

Oh hey, that’s just us feeling like anak dara. The featured wall is legit okay!  Next, we head down to Aishah’s and Dirah’s crib. They’re neighbours by the way. Over at Aishah’s crib where we spent half the night watching “Cinta paling agung” Amboi, sempat jah! Boleh mengamok okay tengok cerita itu. I can never accept a logic like that. You guys should watch it and you’ll get what I mean!

Suami siapa tewwwww dive into rumah orang punyer couch?!! Tolong behave pleaseeeeee! 😀


One last photo of the day looking all knackered not from the visiting but the food that we had. Makan kat rumah tak cukup tau, we ordered 20 piece nuggets to end the night. Memang PBG tahap antarabangsa u’olls! You guessed it right, 7 seater and us = total kecoh. Tak babes-habes buat kelakar!

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