12th Syawal 1436

Close to the second week of Syawal, got me going out solo with my geng SQ. These are the friends whom I share my love-hate relationship while I was still flying. Alhamdulillah, our friendship doesnt stop after we disembark, it continues till we say good bye to our flying career. This year, we have a complete set of infants and toddlers jalaning with us. It was really a handful experience, especially these babies already know how to walk and run along. They are truly the highlight of our gathering too. Everyone seem to turn their heads to our direction. Aunty Yaya da upgrade to an aunt of 6 u’olls! hahaha untung korang time raya tau. Duit raya confirm boleh cover amongst us 😀

This year will probably be my last, staying put at Commonwealth cause the entire estate is due for an en-bloc development. So much bitter sweet memories here and the location is so convenient to everywhere. Insha allah if our BTO is still not ready, we’re gonna make it a yearly affair to have our photos here.

Wheeeee! Of mak budak dan solo yolo budak-budak 😀

Next we head down to Pinnacle at Duxton, where Farah is. We decided to have a surprise for Yana as she turns 31 this year. So hard to keep it hush because its so difficult to have a discussion when the birthday girl is around. Like any other birthday celebration, we always make it a point to order unique cakes for each and everyone of us. For yana’s we ordered the congobar cake! hahaha The sound doesn’t really appeal at all, but the taste was superrrr yummy! Really grateful for the baker who manage our last minute order (3days before). Check them out Klausterbakes if you are as adventurous like we are.

Oh yes, the congobars was frozen overnight, hence we are using mak-mak pisau to cut it out. It’s a mix of brownie and cookie into one. So expect fireworks in your mouth because it is really the bommmb diggity!

Full Squad! (excluding Fiq who has to work at the very last minute for that day! boohoo)

HEHEHE. oh hey, you mommies sure know how to melaram eh. Amboi, anak all letak tepi terus!


JUST LOOK AT THESE FLUFFBALL! They are so cute I wana bite them all. I hope when you guys grow up, you guys take care of one another and us, your mommies, daddys, tantes and uncles okay.  So emotional me cause they are growing up so fast. The next thing I know they’ll probably have boyfriends and girlfriends and getting married too. Haishhhh, I am one proud Aunty Yaya, kids!


Believe it or not, I have another 2 raya entries to finish up. HAHAHA! Raya sakan tahun nie geng 😀

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