15th Syawal 1436


Eversince I got to know Fiq, I have never really hung out with any of his friends. As we all know, Fiq is pretty occupied every other week. Kalau tak wedding,he will be occupied with his corporate shoot.

A couple of years back, Fiq introduced to me a couple of his close buddies since they were in secondary school. A pleasure to meet each and everyone of them and it’s really interesting to know that the world is actually kinda small. For all you know, you have so many friends that is acquainted with. Ah, the irony!

We’ve been surrounded with lots of adorable kids this year! Although we have yet to be bless with one, these sunshine is enough to fill our day.

Till then, whatever comes along the way, I’ll be more than glad to receive with wide open arms. Insha allah. He knows best 😀

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