Last bits of Syawal 1436

And I am finally onto my last post for my syawal celebrations this year. This year, I find myself repeatedly cooking some of my specialty (dapur berasap) for my guest. Each every visit, I try to tweak the recipe a little to make it yummier. If you know me well enough, I love four fingers chicken! When I first found out there is someone on Youtube doing a tutorial, I knew I had to get my hands on these yummy bowl of wings! After a couple of trips to the Solmart Korean supermarket, I bagged home the ingredients I needed to make these awesome wings! Waalaaaaaaaa, my very own version of four fingers!

Another recipe, would be the risoles. I first had these when my previous maid prepared this for breakfast. It has a filling of that like roti boyan. I googled for the recipe and managed to find a few improved version of the recipe. It actually taste much yummier when you add a little chunks of meat in it. Presenting to you risoles! (I am not sure which country it is from though!)

The last of the few friends whom I have been friends with since are my primary school friends. I know, a lot of you will be like ” who keeps in touch with primary school friends nowadays right?” Well, I do. Partly because we are still living close by and still very much communicating / hanging out / acquainted with one another. The highlight of my growing up days has got to be during my early school education. I’ve learnt the meaning of friendship through our grandmothers and mothers who are the first and second generation friends of this neighbourhood. It is really unique because we do not have any kampong just like our grandmothers time. They’ll be like “agh nie, nenek nye kawan kampong” etc etc etc. Through our mothers, the legacy pass on.

Some not in picture because, if you would have noticed, its too late in the evening when we hung out at my place for raya. These are the attendees for the day and I am really glad although 90% of the rest couldn’t make it, the remaining 10% still look forward to our annual affair. Alhamdulillah. All you gotta do is make time and keep in touch.

Before I end this post, I’d like to seek forgiveness for any wrong doings. May this month of Syawal bring you much love and merapatkan siratulrahim within your family and friends. Till, next Syawal guys! In Shaa Allah 🙂

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