Selamat Hari Jadi Singapura!

Hello there everyone! Hope the long weekend was a good break for us. It did for me actually. Spent the entire weekend sleeping my dayyyyy away, I kid you not. Work have been relatively tough these days! On the 9th  August, spent the evening watching the parade live from Farah’s crib at the Pinnacle. We could have been neighbours seh! Aiyayai! My dream home, is literally a dream. Did you know that the Pinnacle has already reached its million dollar mark? I know kan! The last I check 4years ago was only at $680k! Untung orang-orang Pinnacle nie tau.

We bought satays and pizza and lounge the evening away. Good thing about The Pinnacle’s location, you can view the fireworks from the 50th floor. Tak payah la nak turun padang and fight the crowd. I heard the crowd was crazy!

(THEMMMMMM furball. Look at their innocent faces, I just wanna bite them all! 😀 )

This photo is obviously taken by Fiq with his trusty Fujifilm camera. I can’t hold still when taking night photographs. He’s so good at it! Right after this photo was taken, my trusted Olympus EP 5, died on me (couldn’t find any better timing huh?). That camera have been with me throughout my final year being a crew. Lots of memories taken! Well, it’s time to upgrade something better. My love for Olympus goes way beyond. It is one of those few compact dslr cameras that is user friendly!


I-CAIR each time I look at this photo! Baby A.F must have thought I am his pillow or something. He is always falling asleep on me. Even Farah think so too. Nak part kasi tidor, pass to me aje luhhh. Confirm plus shop, tidor! What makes it even more heart warming, when baby A.F grab me tightly and never want to let go. Another I-cair moment pleaseeeeee ❤

Last but not the least, Sunday is not complete with our series of Sundays. We stopped taking during Ramadhan and now we’re back with volume 2,3,4, and so forth haha! I don’t know how he does it, but he’s been really great at taking care of my interest. Layan kan isteri, some may think, but he is really out of his own accord giving ideas, and that is why I love him dearly, for who he is. Sayaang this boy! ❤

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