Santorini / California, here we come..

The week that I have been anticipating since the beginning of the month is here! Took a week break off from work just because I can. Had wanted to do a short trip to Krabi, but unfortunately, Fiq had to attend some meetings in between. Since we aren’t going anywhere, my hands are itching for another long trip next year. A lot of thoughts have put into this planning and we are down to 2 travel destination.

Yup, we are torn between Santorini, Greece or California, USA. We had been wanting to travel to Santorini for the longest time, but because we don’t really know what else can we do besides tanning, partying, lounging in the Greek island, there is actually nothing much to do. Besides that, we’re heading to either countries in April, I doubt there’ll be any sun in Europe anyways! While on the other hand in Cali, we thought of going to Coachella 2016 u’olls and do a road trip throughout our journey (to San Francisco + Los Angeles).

I did flight ticket comparisons with all the airlines available, SQ is having quite a great deal going to LAX/SFO and to ATH too. Oh bummer, I am so tempted to book my air tickets now, but it is still too early to make any plans cause our job forecast is still quite unpredictable -_-

Can’t wait for 2016 to come, I’m so looking forward to bring Fiq around Cali (inshaa allah) and kalau rezeki lebih, mana tahu we can squeeze in a Santorino trip in August? 😀

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