Future gardens, love sounds

Fiq brought me out on a date to Gardens by the Bay over the weekend and I am truly awed by the modernity of this garden. We bought both the dome and flower garden tickets and you guessed it right, I love the flower garden more! So many different types of flowers from all over the world. FYI, last admission to the GBTB is 2030PM, so you can view the awesome futuristic view of the garden, which I truly enjoyed 🙂

Our next to-go-to place next time if we run out of photo taking ideas. hehe! I can so imagine me being on top  of the waterfall and have slow-mo video taken. Amboi, feeling this girl! Some of my personal favourites from GBTB that I took with my trusty iPhone 6 (VSCOcam included)!


Hello husband! ❤ Before heading to the GBTB, we had some crepe over at Lady M Fullerton. I love love love love their matcha crepes. I love the ambience of Lady M at Orchard Central, but that place is always full house. I find it ridiculous when a person needs to queue for a cake. And the queue sometimes snake up in between diners which I find there’s no privacy at all. So if you are someone who love lesser crowds, you can consider going to Lady M Fullerton outlet.

Right after we’re done GBTB, we decided to try Satay by the Bay for dins. It’s our first time dining here and we got our tummy filled with Wholly Crab. There’s other types of seafood for you to choose from, we decided on kung pow crab and chill kicap mussels. Our lips were burning from eating the mussels guys! I think it was worth the 200g of mussels! We were told by the friendly servers of Wholly Crab. that it was opened by our local celebrity Felicia Chin.

Just look at that flawy goodness! It was a messy situation on the table, but who care when it comes to good food, I’m game anytime! 😀

Opps that’s me in the background, testing the light before Fiq took our Sundays series of photographs. And below tew, nak feeling OOTD. Lol, I think my mojo for OOTD day long gone! Semangat seminit aje lebih.

Last but not the least, the week is not complete without one of our Sunday series. I was actually quite surprised that Fiq’s colleague support our idea of Sundays and even saw the different technique (huh?) in our series of photo logs. I don’t really understand what that means (biar the photographers faham antara mereka), but wanting to shoot for one of our Sundays series buat I terharu. I cannot imagine having someone clicking the camera for us, dah macam feeling nak kahwin! *ketawa mentel* I shall leave that story another day, I’ll keep you guys guessing okay? hehehe! Hope your week been great guys! Till another 7days.

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