Oh muka-buku (Oh facebook!)

Recently, Facebook been posting up photos from the past (2,3,4,5 years included). The photos that appeared on my feed happens to be the past years of September while I was still donning the kebaya. Looking through the photos I remembered clearly that these are the phase of my life when I was 22, 24 and 26.

Are you guys ready? Please don’t muntah okay πŸ˜€




I started flying since I was 21years old. This is me when I was already into my second year (22 year old me) of flying. I got sick and tired of doing the bun. I look hideous with that siew mai hair bun so I snipped it! Totally lovin’ this china doll look of mine.
Oh I remember this photo clearly. Sydney flight, damn son it was a tough one but my IFS made it all better when I got a straight A’s for my grooming.Β  A good hair day calls for a good flight! I love doing the french twist compared to the high bun though.

This photo was taken 2 weeks after my wedding, and it was my last flight. Twas’ an emotional one for me cause I know for sure I will miss flying to my favourite places and at the same time I am moving out of my comfort zone + working in a new environment. I am just glad that my girlfriend decided to change into my flight andΒ  that made me feel grateful cause she was there and never once I felt that lonely on my last flight.

So there you have it, my golden days. I’ll save another throwback entry next time ❀

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