R for Renovation

I honestly think my BTO group kan is out to make all of us feel more anxious than we already are. Every week, there will be someone updating on that page. The last time I blogged about it, the construction have finally build up all 40 floors for all 6 blocks. Since they have started the paint job and the sample colour are already up, our neighbours seemed to share the same thought as Fiq. Everyone of our neighbours started to ask around if the colour scheme was supopsedly be purple?!

Not only that, everyone seem to be surprised / puzzled that we have a dark tinted window with black frame. Even I myself was caught in that moment too, but thankfully I am not that drastic to a point sampai tak nak move in lah, nak carik rumah baru ke etc. I wonder if anyone pays attention when we were invited to HDB to choose the unit and sign lease of agreement.Takde orang tengok tu model project ke?! Moving on.. our projected date T.O.P is last quarter of 2016. We have exactly one year from now before receiving our keys! I am beyond excited!!

 Tak tau nie siapa punyer kerja, sanggup amek gambar dari estate mana aje. hehehe! Sanggup ke tak at least ada orang jugak nak jadi pak sanggup to take photos eh!

Fiq and myself, we’ve been on a roll sourcing out renovation contractors. After much discussion, we have decided to go for contractors. We are not willing to part that huge amount of money and it may or may not turn out into something that we like. Come to think of it, what could possibly be that much of an ID help when all we’re gonna have is a featured wall and some hacking done to the kitchen, am I right? Save the moolahs okay?

I have emailed a few contractors taken off Qanvast blog and got some of their quotations. Safe to say that most of them quoted us an at least $30k needed if we are looking into hacking and floor screeding. I was expecting higher actually, but that my friends, is based on year 2015/2016 quotations (provided if I sign up with them now) I dont want to risk it cause you may never know if anything / or anyone happen to that company. I am sure you get what I mean. We are more than prepared to increase the price point to at least $40k the next time when we ask the for quotation again ;D

My last moodboard, were solely based on pinterest. Well, you know, pinterest is just being pinterest, I need something that is real, and when I meant real means something that is done in HDB houses. There you have it, got it off from Qanvast!


Cantek kan?!

“Takde gunanya kalau dapur cantek but tak berasap! French toast tu semua tak counted eh!

– Husband”

Wah piang!I guess it’s time I belajar masak la kan?

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