Hello prints & patterns!

Ever since I have started donning the hijab, I find great difficulty finding the perfect top that may not make me looking like a hot dumpling. In hot sunny Singapore, it is almost impossible to have a 16degrees temperature. Been stocking my wardrobe with all sorts of cards and long knitted sweaters which is seriously not practical for Singapore. Although Uniqlo is my favourite store for any shirt or blouse spree, I’ll end up wearing an inner because the clothes are pretty translucent for me.

I came across HELLOPRINTSANDPATTERN on instagram and I am totally addicted to each one of their Uwan tops collections! It is lightweight and airy, just like how I love it! Been friends with the lady boss on instagram for awhile and she is such an inspiration. She lives in KL, oh yes! She shipped all items to Singapore and the whole process doesn’t take too much time. Kiasu me, I bought myself 2 of their Uwan tops and it is definitely worth every penny spent on. Not only I can wear this during did, I can still style this up for any casual outing with my girlfriend.  


They have so many colours for you to choose from. You would go as crazy I tell you! I am so glad we cross path and I am certain this won’t be my last, to many more comfy Uwan tops! ❤

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