Octo love

My favourite month is here! Ok fine, I have at least 3 favourite month (April, June & October obviously!) in a year to be precise! You guys guessed it right, I have been posting my pre-wedding photos on IG counting down the number days. We do not have a child’s birth date to count down to, but this will do for now. It wasn’t all pretty and charming planning our wedding, it was the loveliest reception ever ❤

Can’t wait for another lovely trip to Bali together with A whom will be celebrating his last single birthday with us. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking our anniversary shots overseas. Told A I’d like to engaged him to be our official photographer during our trip. So glad that he said yes! (da macam proposal plak!) Given that we are pro self timer couple as many of you would know, this is something new and I am certain we’ll be just as awkward like a rock with the presence of A as our photographer. You get what I mean, don’t cha? 😉

Oh you know just a couple of our photos taken 2 years ago. For more you can head down to Syahruz’s blog to view our album. His works are amazing! ❤

While googling for keywords like ‘pre wedding in Bali’, this came flashing through my screen! I would definitely go for any of this in a heartbeat. Never mind the hot sun, mud or the mess that I’ll turn out, this is definitely love at first sight. How can anyone not love Bali sunset? ❤

Till then ❤

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