Coffee Bloom

Ever since MIL been discharged from the hospital (she had a fall on the eve of eid), Fiq have been pretty occupied with the constant visits to and fro CGH and Ubi. We’ve been making full use of whatever time we have during our off days. On this very trip to CGH, I had to rush off to a meeting at Lagun Sari. While rushing for time, I came across a quaint shop along Geylang Road to a floral shop, The Bloom Room. The initial greeting wasn’t at all pleasant cause the lady boss little puppy was literally barking and running towards me and thank god the glass door saved the day! My tudung would have been chewed off la seh.

We exchanged a couple of conversation while I was choosing some blooms for my MIL. Nobody has it easy I guess before opening a business of their own. Albeit having a small shop and running a bridal floral styling, there is always a day that will keep you wonder if there is anyone out there knew of your brand existence. I for sure know nuts about the business culture, but with constant motivation from the loved ones and friends, I am sure we’ll get by some day. I wouldn’t mind opening a floral shop when i turned 40. Couldn’t decide which bloom should I choose, so I let the florist herself decide for me base on MIL favourite colour and tadahhhhh! So pretty kan?!

After delivering the blooms, we had some time to move around. Since we’ve been out the whole day and we had rent the car to move around, we decided to pay Changi Village a visit. We haven’t been cafe hopping for the longest time, sigh.. I feel like I haven’t been keeping up with world. Each time log onto Instagram aje, sure you all post gambar makanan yang sedap-sedap eh! HMMMPPH!

We decided to give Pelonton a try. I can’t really decide if I like it or not. The ambience is pretty much the same like Penny University, but I guess the menu was limited and there wasn’t much of a choice for desserts too. It is more like those kind of a laid back atmosphere cafe where people just sit there for hours doing their work. Fiq does enjoy his coffee though 😀

Next on my to try list has got to be the ‘lookalike martabak terang bulan’ and roti bakar chocolate at Changi Village. Heard so much rave about it, I must have a go at it! hehe.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Bloom

  1. Haha cv is my second home!! U shd try chock full of beans and the chocolate shop down the same row. The lava cake is damn sedap!


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