Seminyak / Mt Batur / Canggu; Bali 2015

I’ve been asked too many times by my colleagues with the same question about my trip. Why Bali? Isn’t it the same every where? Oh honey, that’s where you’re missing out actually. This is actually our third time there and we feel there’s a lot of places we have yet to be there and do the activities. This 4days 3nights trip is not only to celebrate our anniversary with flowers and everything nice, we brought along a friend cum photographer for this trip A from A little light play.

I have always loved the idea of documenting our daily life. Not only my life revolves around food, ootds, shopping or what have you seen on my IG. Documenting life to me means.. the things we do as a couple in adventures, our lifestyle and last but not the least, our moments. These little things may not mean a thing to some, but everyday of our life is like a gamble. You have a fair share of everything that Allah throws at you. All you have to do is have faith and take it in whatever life has thrown at you.

Day 1: From our many past travelling itinerary, we’ve come to learn that checking in is usually (for most countries) at 2PM. We booked Garuda Indonesia flight for our trip to Bali this time. We compared flight prices between Garuda and Tiger air, and it seems like the price is almost on par. Although, Tiger is $50 slightly cheaper than Garuda, we wouldn’t mind paying that additional amount to have entertainment and food on board. 2 and half hours flight can be bored and lengthy seh. Booked the flight that departs at noon and land into Bali just in time for check-in.

We booked our stay for 3 nights at ASA Bali Luxury Villas & Spa at Seminyak. It was a tough choice trying to find the perfect duplex villa cause we wanted A to have a bed to stay in although he kept insisting that he is fine sleeping on the couch. My rule of thumb when it comes to travelling is comfort. How can one stay in Bali sleeping on the couch, no can’t do A. After much consideration, we settled for this villa. They lived up to its name, putting luxury to every corner of its duplex villa. I don’t have much photos of the villa to share, the villa is fully equipped with a kitchenette, 2 bedrooms (1 on the top level, 1 on the ground level with a pool view), fully air conditioned, bath tub available and there’s definitely wifi! 😀 I can’t live a day without wifi, I’m sure you guys can agree to that?

Oh, we rented pretzel floats from Happy Floats. It was the greatest decision ever to rent. Lazy pool with a book in hand, what’s not to love right? Ah, I love lazy days 😉

After settling into our villa, I booked for us a dinner date at Sardine for our 2nd Anniversary dinner. No words to describe this place, as this is exactly what I have imagined. Fine dining in Singapore is too expensive lah. The menu is filled with lots of fish menu, so there aren’t much meat works FYI. The ambience is really calming too. There’s rice paddies for photo taking & many small corner perfect for you to have your photos instagram worthy! So glad Fiq & A loved it too!  


See.. didn’t I tell you this place is simply beautiful? I have never stepped foot near to a rice paddy before, this was the closest I am. I love the lepak seating corner of this place. Gets you in the mood to unwind and enjoy everyone’s company.

Day 2: We went home early after our dinner date for a hike to Mt Batur. Yes guys, I managed to somehow. No words to describe the feeling! The struggle is friggin’ real!! I am beyond exhausted, completely out of breathe, and literally shaking as I hike up those slippery hardened lava. The hike up is not all smooth and easy. Found myself panting hard like as if I had asthma attack. For a moment I thought I had asthma which I wasn’t aware of. The view was simply breath taking. Thanks to A and Fiq whom been pushing me hard to climb up. Yeah yeah, they were enjoying this whole hiking trip unlike me. I had such a busuk face throughout my climb. Not much of a glamour photos but there were shots of us climbing up and holding hands, motivating each other. Awww, thanks A, I love the photos. Can’t wait to see the final product! I am so sure I look so busuk but that’s not primary.

This… is what greeted us as we climbed up. My trusty iPhone doesn’t justify the picture quality, thank god Fiq brought along his camera to snap some pics. It’s so lovely kan?

A sneak peak. One out of our many shots.  A takes great heights just to get this shot and I am still in awe ❤

We’ve been up from 2AM to 11AM, we got ourselves some lunch before getting ready that evening for another photo session in Canggu. I’ve read a lot that about Canggu and I wanted to have a go at this village to see what this has to offer. The moment we step foot, we were spoilt for choices if we would like to have our photos taken by the paddy field or the beach. With A’s expertise, we went for there later. I have no photos to share, but once it is ready, Insha allah I will share with you guys ya? Canggu reminds me so much of Melbourne apostle rocks. Kan? 

The sunset was really warm and inviting. We watched the sun go down at Echo Beach Club where we spent hours chillaxing and unwind. Fiq and A have too much things to talk about especially when it comes to work. I ‘m all cool seated by the corned gazing at sunset and having a watermelon juice on the other hand sipping in ❤

Day 3: Third day was more of taking street photos at Legian. A needed to get some souvenirs home and we bagged some Bintang & I LOVE BALI tees for sleep wear. HAHA! I know right? Went to Krishna too. Bought lots of kerepek for the family to indulge. After all the japan-jalan session, we had lunch at Malioboro for the edible bones dishes!! yum yum.

Later that evening, we went up to Jimbaran village to catch the sunset at The Rockbar, located at the Ayana resort and Spa. Love at first sight the moment I step foot into that place. Everything is just so beautiful! ❤ IMHO, Jimbaran & Uluwatu has really nice sunset hues. I love those kind of sunset that has hues of purple sinking in together with the sun. It makes the sky has that paddle pop feel, if yknow what I mean?


Searched on google for the rates of Ayana resort, and I think it is as good as Mulia hotel. I wouldn’t mind paying for a price that I would enjoy watching the sunset every day. Insha allah, kalau rezeki lebih, sampai la kita ye 😀

And this.. to end our night, martabak terang bulan you’all!

Day 4: Our flight out to SIN was in the early noon. We spent some time dipping into the pool and pack our luggages before checking out. It was simply a lazy day for us cause all we did was just hanging and minding our own business with our smart phones. Yeah, we have become typically inclined to our phones, looking through FB, IG and what yous.


Oh yes, one last meal before we check in at the airport. The boys wanted to have Holy Cow for lunch! I am not a steak person and I am so glad that they have chicken as part of their menu. Yayness! I was hoping they have Holy Crab in Bali though.


That’s all I have for this trip to Bali. Told Fiq that we need to go Nusa Lembongan / Nusa Ceningan next on our to visit list next time. See I told you Bali has a lot to offer. 4 days is a tad too short for a stay, next stay we’ll be taking a week fo’ sure! October is indeed a happy month for us. Till our next adventure my love ❤

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