Gorpis Kaw Kaw

I think I have been too busy with work that I am lack of social life with my girlfriends. Most times when we’re out having tea or a meal, we don’t have the habit of taking photos like we used to. I still remember some years ago, before social media became the IN thing, blogging is like the shiznit! Self timer kalau tak snap berpuluhan, tak stop. If the camera could speak, it would probably throw itself into a wall 😀

Met up with Dirah for dinner to discuss about our upcoming trip to KL during Deepavali. So we decided to try Kaw Kaw. The burger serving super kaw kaw la kawan! I couldn’t finish my burger. I chose the kampong flavour, and I think the flavouring was kind expected though. I think I enjoyed the beef chilli cheese fries more. The ambience of the place is cosy filled with rustic theme. We didn’t tried any other main course cause all of us ordered burgers cause I was told their specialties is the burger bakar. Tu pon kita tak order because… no burger baker boleh fight with JB burger baker. Price wise, I would say it is the same across the whole cafe food scene. Overall, we had a pleasant dinner here, you all boleh give it a try yea?

Right after dinner, we hang out at Agro Bazaar which is located just across the street. I have been curious about this place for the longest time. WHY? Because I am easily intrigued by the fairy lights concept. Have you guys seen or been there? It was love at first sight for me seh ❤

We ordered teh tarik and goreng pisang which is s upper crunchy and yummy not too sweet kinda pisang goreng? (you get what I mean?) Probably one of the classy-est place to have the and goreng pisang for me. Padahal KGC ade tau. HEHE. Saje-saje only nak feeling it.


I can’t recall when was the last time we had a conversation everything about shopping, make up and probably talking about men (from tv series like Suits!!!). Since all of us got married, priorities have changed, but hey if you have noticed on my IG page, not only I have Sundays series, I have girl time too 😀 More to come, you’ll see more of theseee ❤

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