Frankel Avenue

So.. someone is on a roll ehh. Been actively trying to clear all of my blog dated entries just because I have been too busy at work that I couldn’t find time to update using my work PC. Since I have some time to kill before Fiq comes home with Tenderfresh bbq & fried chicken, I’ll get my fat fingers doing some blogging exercise! HAHAHA!

Have you guys heard of Dutch Colony? I had my brunch earlier this week with my girls and this my friends, is one of the cheapest brunch meals I had in my entire cafe hopping phase. Im sure you guys would have known that the prices for all these cafe been sky rocketing, but to pay something less than $10 for a plate of goodness is a total steal. Pocket friendly meal I must say. They have interesting spread of menu from western to asian delights. Seen here on our table, Croque Monsiuer, Brioche French toast and Prawn cabonara linguini (?) with truffle fries and sinful chocolate cake which is so sedap giler!

Oh! Those are Naila’s tiny fingers telling her mommy to stop eating and feed her the super sedap chocolate cake! So geram with this little one. So smart already yknowww this tofu. We were taking lots of self timer photos when Naila said this

“Mama!! Nak balek pon lambat?! Banyaknya gambar!”

KANNNNNNNNNNN! Mana tu dia belajar eh? hahahaha.


This last photo was one of the many negotiations that we had to deal with Naila. You gotta learn how to love the camera cause your mama and all the other aunties are fond of the camera know! I am certain, you’ll love the camera one dayy. Here’s to one of the many memories create together Naila, I still remember when you were in your mama’s tummy. You are always bumping for joy whenever we had anything sweet. Ohhh, how I miss those lil baby bump moments with you. Don’t grow up too fast darling, I know I can be such a bully to you but you know aunty yay a sayang you kannn? 😀

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