very pari pari!

Food bring people together don’t you think so? I have been feasting well with my girlfriends the past weeks and I am so guilty of having these seafood spread. Other than ECP, Newton circus is my second best place to have seafood. I know, I know, a lot of people kept saying this place is a day light robbery kinda hawker centre, honestly? I think everywhere is the same. It’s all about branding guys!

We’ve been wanting to have salted egg crap, but unfortunately they were out of crabs on that day, bummer! Changed our routine meal order to sambal pari, sambal sotong and sambal kangkong (usually it is actually more than this). We were talking about whats gonna happen next in our phase of life. Apart from having family and kids, what kind of goals do we want to achieve. Seems like its even harder to get out of our comfort zone.

Soon after we had a hearty meal, we have some time to kill. Yeah, you guessed it right? We pulled over the tong sampan just to get a shot by the shop houses. It’s so funny to a point whereby drivers that pass by us literally stop for us just to snap a photo, not sorry though! hahaha. We’re trying to achieve that spotlight / bokeh kinda effect luhh. Nonetheless, the photos turned out amazing!


Till our next girl time session bells ❤

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