48 hours in KL

After a whole week of flower madness with A’s & J’s wedding preparation (which we finally completed by the way!), I decided to join Dirah and her little family to KL (sans Fiq). To make the long story short, Fiq had work commitments that he needed to attend, leaving his dear wife (ME) going solo on this short trip. Sobsssss..

It was the week of Deepavali, and had some leave to spare, we booked ourselves a coach trip to and flight back to KL. Surprisingly the trip to KL was swift! That whole 5-6 hours of journey doesn’t really draggy at all! We took transtar coach which we truly regret. Please forgive me before I start blabbering all the negative experience which we encountered on the bus journey.

Our bus co-driver (bus attendant maybe?) sedang busy mengurat geng! Like there is no other way to conceal it, he has to speak loudly (mintak no + Facebook account) to the two Singaporean girls who melayankan, and HE refused to turn off the damn lights la. It was already close to 2AM yknow, people gotta sleep leyy. They should really look into their staff behaviour. It’s not okay to mengurat while working, kalau ye pon do it discreetly la ye! The entertainment, was pretty okay. They load quite a few movies, although its way past the season. We should’ve gone with Grassland which a lot of our friends have a lot of positive feedback about the coach service. Next time, there will definitely be a next time.

We reached KL at 4AM, took a cab straight to Aloft KL Sentral. I find KL Sentral is like close to every where we wanna go to. I can’t imagine myself staying put at Bukit Bintang area where the traffic is horrible (BUT the shopping is so good there!). It’s like only 10mins to get to places from KL Sentral guys! We got the twin bed room, spacious enough for 3 adults and a kid. The hotel concierge was kind enough to let us check in early. We were told if we reached earlier and wanted an earlier checked in, there might be a charge for the room. Pheeeww, luck is definitely on our side, we checked in for free, woohoo! First order of business? Sleeeep lay of course!

Woke up at noon just in time for lunch over at Publika. Brought the folks to the much rave about Boat Noodles. This time on their menu, they have egg noodles! I think i prefer the egg noodles as compared to the glass noodle. Much more flavourful.

After the whole hour or two spent at Boat Noodles, we did a tiny bit of shopping at WonderMilk. Bought home some of Fiq’s favourite! That place hasn’t change much though, except I couldn’t find that small space of home + kitchen decor. I am and still not  fan of their cakes but their cookies are the bomb diggity!  I don’t have photos to share with you guys about them biscuits that I always bagged home, but I am sure you can find the at some corners of the shop. Hehehe. &&&&& that butterscotch milk is super yum! Even way better than the ones that I had at East Village 🙂


Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Publika to me is like a food heaven cause you can find sorts of eatery there. Name it, there you’ll have it. For shopping, we decided to head to Pavillion to shop. As we all know that RM is really low (got mine at 3.2 when I was changing for RM the last time). Yes, you guessed it right. Mad woman here shop like nobody’s business.

Got for Fiq Superdry Tees, Vans shoes & Nike KL edition of the floral top. I don’t know why Singapore Nike doesn’t anything unique tau. ALWAYS tau! (not we’re such sports enthusiast but NIKE fashion is actually cantek) Got my Longchamp travel bag in Navy at the 11th hour cause someone is so certain that she won’t shop, in the end dia yang panic!

Lepas tewwww… makan lagi! But this is legit, day time dinner. After all  that shopping shenanigans, perut dah lapar geng! We decided to take on Pince & Pints. Kat Singapore kalau nak makan nanti orang judge, da judge nanti gambar gone viral lat FB. Gitu aje lah nowadays perangai fellow citizens.  Am I right?

Terubat rindu London burgers & lobsters! Fiq doesn’t eat all sorts of crabs species, this is a luxury for me when I get to indulge okay. Just look at the succulent meat! Yummy you 😀

Sometimes, I overlooked the friends that I brought along with. They ca actually eat! We went across the street to have some Dip & Dip. Sesungguhnya I da kenyang, tetapi masih ah nak makan lagi! hahahaha kerja giler!

We ordered brownie crepe + hot chocolate mint drink. I love the drink more. It’s so yummy! The crepe was A-ok for me though. I don’t think i’ll be back for another round though.

The following day we had our lunch at Kopi & XOXO. I think the highlight of this cafe gotta be the GORPIS which is seriously unique with all that flavour on top. I don’t know how these guys does it, but we’re totally sold to their GORPIS. No need to talk about the mains because I didn’t realy enjoyed mine.

So that’s the end of my food rant. Sigh.. I can feel my arteries clogged after this whole trip. Need to detox pronto! hehehe! Till my next food rant, ta! ❤

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