& why

Last weekend was one of the very rare dates that we girls had some time on our own sans the husbands and kid. We seize the chance to spend the night having dinner and desserts and simply phase our roles as wives. Biler part sang suami da kasi green light, terus otak buntu. Dont really have any plans that night, and when we do.. we end up binging! hehe. That night, we decided to fix a dinner date for 3 at And Why @ Bali Lane.

Honestly, there is nothing much to look forward these days while cafe hopping it seems. Every cafe served the same type of food. It’s becoming overly hyped IMHO. Here’s our dinner by the way. I love how the salmon is not overly cooked. It’s really juicy and not too tender. Dirah had the soft shell burger while Aisha had the chicken steak.


My girlfriends and I do appreciate good food and great ambiance. However that night, we were lost for words when the bill came to $90++ for our tak kenyang dinner date. Tu lah, mak suruh belajar masak you all tak nak kan! Once in a blue moon keluar makan with girlfriends, so we’re good bro! ❤

Last warning seh, I am always caught off with food in my mouth. Sungguh perangai PBG! Oleh kerana perut maseh blom kenyang, we decided to uber down to Dempsey for some waffles ice-cream! The taste is so good I tell you! Been awhile we had some BnJ’s! Look at that waffle staring back at you!.. it says, Eat Me human, Eat me 😀

These photos are taken with my trusty Olympus EP 5 that was bought by Fiq 3 years ago. The quality of Olympus is super terbaik, I tell you. I was thinking of replacing my current Olympus to something new. It’s not a need, but yknow.. (i know you know lah!) For sure, I am still gonna keep this precious Olympus, suami kasi wey. Anyone has any camera to recommend me?


4 thoughts on “& why

      1. I’ve only used the pen mini so I don’t know. I prefer smtg compact la.. Tak payah canggih sangat haha. It’s still great though!


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