May the odds be ever in your favour!

Hello December! The month I have been waiting for is finally here. Aside from all the ongoing sales in Orchard, I always look forward to our yearly DND themed event. This year CC decided to have the olympic sports theme! I tell you, the moment  we received the teaser, I can’t stop going oohhh and ahhh at the creativity the organisers have in store for us.

While in SQ, I have never attended a DND before, and this is my 3rd DND with the CC family. Sometimes I can’t believe the creativity everyone has. It’s beyond expectations seh! You all percaya tak if I say theres human shuttle cock, lego, and a living Elsa as cheerleader? Come I share some photos with you!


Yeaps, thats what I am talking about. The spontaneous bunch!  This year was held over at Shangri-la and as usual, the pre-event got me blown off my feet with very cute photo booths and their props and the fun activities we had while waiting for the doors to be open. We had table tennis booths, bowling corner, soccer and all sorts of ball games for you to let loose.

 After all the sweating good times, we went in and that’s where the whole shenanigans begins! I am really lucky to have such spontaneous bosses and colleagues that go as crazy as me! woohoo! I had too much fun last night and I still can’t believe my group got the ultimate second price for the best dressed competition!! On top of that, I am so happy that I got the top 20 lucky draw dip. YESSSAAA!

My group comprises of people from different age group. Namely the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s! No lah, not the top photos obviously. Pakai Simple pon boleh menang, rezeki!

That pretty much sums up the whole experience and excitement. Till next year guys! P/S: I still can’t get over how fun last night was! Till next year guys!

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