To err is human, to forgive, divine

I don’t usually pen down my personal thoughts on this blog because 1) I am someone who don’t really like sharing my life with cyber users 2) getting misunderstood with what I have to say or about to rant. Just awhile ago, I saw a post that Syaza posted about 5 things that I should do.

Point number 5 – Try to forgive people who have done me and my loved ones wrong; this is the hardest because I can’t find it in me yet to forgive and forget some people.

How apt? Recently I opened up a new Instagram account because I find the need to regain myself and trying my very best to detached from the cyber world. Sometimes, we get too obsessed with the internet and for no rhyme or reason, we lose ourselves; gossip & troll-ing other people’s life  which is really unhealthy, seriously. We are left with 3 Mondays away before welcoming the new year. Out of the many resolution, this is one of the most important in my list I’d like to achieve in 2016 🙂

To be more forgiving and being less hard headed. The new instagram account that I created is the beginning of my everything. The people that I offended, the hearts that I broke before (both lovers & friends), the girls that used to be in my hate list (ex-girlfriends, ex-maids, ex-colleagues, ex-WAGS or whoever) and last but not the least, friends that I fall out with (one way or another)..  I am truly am sorry for all the things been said and done. I’ve put my ego & hatred aside that I once had and I hope you feel the same way as I do. Sorry seemed to be the hardest words these days, if you don’t say it now, when else will it be?

Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude – I couldn’t agree more. Cheers to a new life, new beginning, new hopes & new adventures. Till then ❤

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