well.. almost


Alrighty, this is it guys! My block is finally painted and done. I think we’re left with the windows panels and not too sure if the interior of the house has already been painted? Fiq had initially suggested to go up our level and sebok-sebok look around. Like seriously dude, let’s not go to that yet. Not even safe I feel. No lights no nothing? Nah-uh.

The search for the contractors and ID is still.. never ending. I can’t stand my indecisiveness when it comes to colour palette and the theme we’d like to have. So far out of the many that I’ve been home-searching, I kind of like this article from Qanvast. The budget of the house is realistic and our home interior is almost similar to that of Dawson.

Another article which I recently saw online Tippytap’s home tour blog entry. I may sound boring, but I am team minimalist guys. Anything that spells white, grey and very little of black, I am game! Down to our last 365 days (or less) to receiving our keys! I think I am crazy cause I’ve been buying all sorts of home decor. You’re not singaporean if you’re not kiasu right? 😀


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