Saved by the taco-bell

My Monday ended with some Mexican heat over at Afterwit SG. If these photos doesn’t make you drool… then I do not know what will. Because this my chicas & amigo, is the boommmz! I had J’s before, it tasted the same except that Afterwit’s price to me is still affordable = cafe price.

We had their most talked about Nachos de pollo Cajun, Quesadillas con pato & some DIY Taco!



The ambience doesn’t really feel like we’re in Mexico, but the sauces served on the table bring the little Mexico in Singapore. Did I mentioned that their home made guacamole is so sedap? I just googled on it, and apparently it is actually do-able. Let’s see over the weekend, to test my culinary skills!

Oh hey!! Have you guys watched Dilwale yet? Kajol so jambu la kan! & Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t seem to age! After watching this movie, Fiq been going on and on about heading to Iceland! Looks like 2016 holiday gonna be Iceland je? I don’t mind! hehehe.


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