Au lang Syne 2015

This post was meant to be posted on the 1st Jan, but I procrastinate too much, and before I know it, we are already into our first week of January. I know right, too fast!

3 days before the new year, I decided to take leave to spend time with my family and friends. This came as a surprise to Fiq because he knew I dont like to be around crowded places and to take leave on the last few days of the year is as good as getting yourself being sardined in town. Nah.. I didn’t planned to join the billions out there to spend my bonus away guys. I’ve been going to and fro Pasir Ris to catch up with my Costa Ris girlfriends, have our girl time session with my bestfriend, scored myself some me-time while Fiq is busy with year end photo events and took some time to visit my gramps who is living with my aunt.

Been awhile I hung out at my BFF’s crib, and when we do..? We definitely be the inseparable duo as quoted by her mom. I really don’t know how we do it, but we often find ourselves having endless conversations about everything under the sun. We hardly have time these days to have sleep overs, I guess these girl-to-girl time does make it up for lost times. I heart this girl alot, she’s seen the best and the worst of me. The only person who will go all out for me. From my heartbreaks, to finding my inner self, to finding myself a boyfriend and being by my side on the dais on the day I got married to my husband.. she’s the one. My only wish for her? To be the person she is and surround her with nothing but the best both in love and adventures 😀

Aside to my BFF, I have my Costa Ris home girls too. Dirah took me out for some high tea. She knew me too well that I love anything french toast and scones and tea! She brought me out to try Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery. I am in total awe with the ambience. I cant remember when was the last time I took the time to pause awhile and sip on my tea sehh. There is a corner for you to paint as well which I will definitely bring Fiq with me one day. Just give me my sweet potato fries & french toast and nobody gets hurt okay? HAHAHA! Ohh did I mentioned that this place is also instagram worthy? YASSSS!

Moving on.. #fleursbyspoleczny have been pretty much occupied. The lack of updates on this blog with the progress is only because I have decided to give in creating an account for FBS. I was never a believer of juggling two accounts but I finally it did guys! This blog may seem lifeless with the lack of flower updates, but dont worry guys, it is regularly updated on the other side ❤ I can’t thank enough to the BTB’s, friends and family friends whom been supporting FBS one way or another. With out their moral support, this wouldnt have happened. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤

Aside to that, my sundays series have been the attention not only to our friends but to some viewers out there. We have passerby’s who called us the Sundays couple and it gives me the funny feeling come to think of it now. Fiq’s friends have been so supportive with the idea of supporting our weekly activity to a point they’ll try their very best to send us our photos before 2359! How crazy this Sunday series has been. All thanks to Fiq whom been contributing to our crazy poses although 99% of the ridonkulous idea came from me. HAHAHA! Sayang this boy ❤
Last but not the least.. meet the homegirls of Costa Ris! I have been going back and fourth hanging by their place to get home inspiration ideas and have been shamelessly overnight at their homes. Macam ade share tau tidor at the guest room. We spent the NYE having home cooked food at Aisha’s and not bad for us girls to masak ayam lemak cili padi and black pepper beef! Ended the countdown with a celebration for Nas. The first person to turn a year older in our groupy!

There you have it. My 2015 ended with friends that I call family. All you gotta do is make time and put aside all your differences aside. At the end of the day, they’re the people who will ride down the miles to lift you up when the day gets gloomy. I couldn’t agree more. Here’s to 2016 with much more fun time and adventurous with more babies in tow. Ok kidding! Hope 2016 have been a great start for you!


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