Tasty Made!

I don’t know about you guys, but recently I have been addicted to making home cooked meals. This started ever sine I’ve been hooked to ‘Tasty‘ channel on Facebook! They made it seemed so effortless to create this dishes and I knew I had to put myself to the challenge.

Fiq and myself made a promise to each other to have home-cooked meal at least 4 times a week. Although we have a helper at home who does all the chores and cooking, Fiq have been reminding me that the best meal is made by the wife. I’m really hopeless when it comes to cooking. I can’t even masak nasi okay? HAHAHA! Lucky for me, my husband is such a darling. Always telling me its okay and remind me not to forget my bismillah and alhamdulillah before and after a dish is made. Insha allah sedap, katanya 😀


Fiq is right, home cooked meal is always the best. And the best part of these entire beautiful mess made, when the husband had his second, third, fourth round of serving ❤ At the end of the meal, he never fail to remind me “rajin-rajin masak okay, nanti da pro, boleh fight my mother’s cooking!” Remind me again, why I sayang this husband of mine? ❤

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