People’s Park Complex

What I love the most about our job, is that we get common off days on weekdays. As much as I would like to have the weekends off, ade baiknya juga that I work on alternate weekend. His job requires him to be on his toes over the weekends which is also a good thing, we don’t have to fight the crowd to shop and indulge.

Common off weekdays calls for scouting places to take our photos. Of which I will use it for our Sundays series. This week pick, we decided to explore Chinatown, People’s Park Complex. The moment we reach the top deck of the carpark, we saw at least 6 couples there taking photos, ootds, and some even on their pre-wedding shoot apparently. Where have we been seh? This place super happening or what?


At the corner of the carpark, there’s a place for you to literally Lepark. I am not sure what’s in there but there were quite a crowd when we left the building. I love this place already. The environment felt like we’re in China! A different feel on this part of Singapore. We have another place to visit soon, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Mana tahu, can become an inspiration for your pre/post wedding photoshoot? Here’s one from our Sundays! ❤


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