Moodboard #2016

On to our next chapter of #projectrumahkita, Fiq and I have been on full speed searching for house tours on the WWW. Honestly, it’s quite tough searching for home owners that has the same house lay out like ours. Most standard flats have their bomb shelter on the inner part of their houses, ours is right at the door step facing the kitchen.

In this blogpost, I’d like to share with you some of our favourites! (which I think we are 70% certain that we’ll be going for a Modern Scandinavian theme) Taken off from Renotalk website, this house tour got my knees go weak! The whole unit matches our theme! In my previous post, we’ve been having on and off discussion about having colours in our place, which in the end we’ll always end up with black, grey & white as the wall colours.


I love how they made the kitchen look so cosy and lively! Told Fiq, that we are soooooo gonna hack one of the kitchen walls to make that area spacious and have that bar top kinda concept. With that concept in mind, I decided to forgo the idea of having top cabinets. Since we are gonna have it as an open bar top concept, I think it’ll look nicer if we hang the pottery on the wall. Da macam ala-ala pinterest kan?


The open bar concept we have in mind is something similar to this, minus the window grills. Initially I have been indecisive if we should install the air-conditioner at the living/dining area. Because if we do, we will need to install those doors. According to my girl pals, the ID’s will encourage you to have the doors installed if you’re going to have an air-conditioner fix at the living/dining area. After much persuasion from Fiq, I think it’s not pratical. We can make do with the ceiling fans instead. So yay! No need to install those doors!


So in love with this couple lovely home! I can’t even… Just look at their toilet. How not to fall in love with their lovely home? Oh hi, in case if you’re the home ownner, I wanna say I really really x100 love your home! So cosyy please!


Moving to on our next mood board, is the living room. I remembered blogging about having the brick wall as part of our feature wall and I think we have to accept the fact that every house hold has that brick wall. Hehehe. I reallly love the brick wall concept and I am so determined to find an alternative to install in our future home.

THIS… is so cantek guys! Something different from the norm. I hope Fiq will agree with me on this one. HEHE. This is taken off Cromly website.


Before I end my endless moodboard for our home renovation idea, I have one last photo to share! Ah yessss, having a bath tub in master bedroom. Kan I da cakap boleh masok bath tub you tak percaya kata I 😀

(Photo take off from Cromly’s website)



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