Name Card

Recently, #fleursbyspoleczny orders have been piling up and at the same time, I’ve been meeting up with other young entrepreneurs for future collaboration (more to share the next time). & Of all the many things that I have cautiously prepare for every meetings, I overlooked the one important thing that every aspiring entrepreneurs should carry with them at all times…

YES,  a bloody name card!

Fiq been wanting to make one for me but due to his crazy schedule, it slipped our minds somehow. Thanks to IG, I found soiree.bliss! I have been friends with the creative person all along, that made it way easier for us to interact. Cut story short, I emailed Hana and told her that I am looking for name card with gold foil on either kraft paper or smooth coloured surface.

A week later, she came up with these for me ❤ Just like what I envisioned it be. Classy and simple with all the important details on point. Since I am so in love with these two, I decided to cast a poll with all my close friends and gather their thoughts & inputs on these designs. Looks like it’s a tough decision!


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