I am less than a month now till my annual check. I am one of those 110% like any other kiasu Singaporeans when it comes to health. For preparations, I have been consuming lots of greens, salmon and reduced my intake of white rice. I have swapped my white rice to brown rice some time last year and honestly, it is not too bad, really!

The hardest part of trying to eat clean is that, there is no such thing as short cut. I have become too anal about the sodium level and only stick to my organic regime. To be honest, it is not easy to maintain the costing for organic products.

1) it’s expensive 2) most of the time it is not available in SG 3) ALWAYS SOLD OUT

Can you feel my pain?! I am so glad that the nearest cold storage to my place now offers organic products and the price doesn’t rip my wallet off. I made my family stop drinking milk. You might be thinking that I’m crazy, but apparently google says that milk does have a high level of sugar. The alternative? Oat milk! I have been introduced to Oatly by my colleague whom is also a health freak like me. It’s really hard to get hold of the chocolate flavoured ones, I have been going in and out of supermarket just to get these! The taste? Yummier than chocolate milk, I kid you not!

Since, I do not have the time to shred the vegetables, I got these crunchy packet of vegetables from S.S too! Boil some eggs, cut the cherry tomatoes into halves and cook yourself some salmon & last but not the least, sprinkle some sauces to add some flavour to your home made salad! When I don’t have the time to do so early in the morning, you can get the same kind of salad for $8 at any cafe bistro like Pauls, salad stop etc..

Tak kan off day pon makan salad you ask? Of course not! The only time I get to eat my brown rice is during my off days. Thats when i’ll get the helper to cook for me dishes using canola/olive oil. The portion of the rice play an important role for me too. I haven’t been eating on a plate for awhile now. Small dish bowl are like my BFF nowadays when it comes to food serving! I call this my very own version of confinement food

Fiq and myself been spending most of our time at home, getting our work done. Once in a while, I’ll whip something nice for tea time. My husband is someone who is so traditional that there is no malay kueh that he does not know. Some time back, he was craving for some corn custard pudding! And I did it but instead of using coconut milk i swap it with oat milk and the tasteeeeeeeeeee is so sedap! Even my mom thinks so too! Woohooo!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Not forgetting… I do have some cheat days as well. Sighhhh, I’ve been thinking of the thai ice tea & green the thai ice tea! These gotta be my favourites from The Cathay! ❤



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