A helper a day, keeps the chores at bay

Pheeew, I can finally breathe easy now that my new helper has managed to fix the pieces ever since she came. I took a week off from work just for this guys. Yeah, I know.. I could make do with a short getaway right? Nah..

I swear finding a helper is pure luck. You will never know if they can do the chores till you’re home to supervise everything. What I’ve compared thus far, when you’re looking for a helper, it is always better to get those helper whom are married with kids. Their level of responsibility is tip top I tell you. They’re motherly instinct make it easy for them to work and me on the other hand, I feel more at ease with their assurance. Special thanks to Imtidad, they have very attractive prices and packages for their payment plans.

Previously, I have been going to the same agency which requires full deposit of $5k ++ for the initial payment. I’ve been sourcing out and most that appeared on Google requires the initial one time payment. (Although this is my third time having a helper, of which the recent and second one was really unreliable. My first lasted me a good 7 year by the way! (married with a kid) – get the pun?)

Imtidad, promised all their clients they have unlimited times of changing your helper, and within their probation period, they will have a review with us on the our choice of helper. I find the follow up part is really good, at least the customer service relationship doesn’t end there right after the sale is done. Their instalment plan is really flexible too! Trust me, giving away your hard earned money just like that is really sakit hati guys. I can never part my money like that, even beli handbag also I cannot kay 😦 – this part my husband must be laughing at me because he always tell me to jual my handbag tsktsktsk -__-

For all my friends out there, if you are looking for a helper/maid agency, you guys can consider Imtidad! It does for me and I hope it will for you too!

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