Museum date

Last week I took the week off to settle the helper issue and at the same time, I spent some quality time with F. Since the beginning of the year F been so busy with work that sometimes it frustrates me that we can’t have a proper date like we used to have. I shouldn’t be complaining.. I should be feeling blessed and thankful that his business is booming as the year goes by. I just.. miss him ❤

Other than cafe hopping, we love spending some quiet time exploring places. He took me out to the National Gallery and honestly, that was my first time entering the museum. F must be bored cause he’s been there numerous times for his DBS corporate events.

& this happens. Yeah, kind of expected right? I’m his subject for his upcoming places to take pre/post wedding shoots. According to my husband, I have 101 interesting places and ideas when it comes to taking photographs. My brain works like a film! HAHAHAH 😀


Can you tell? I am so in love with the GIF app. It’s like much cooler than Boomerang I feel? I can go on and on clicking the shutter and make my own video! I have so many photos to choose from our museum date, this shall make do for now. For more updated photos, come and find me on my instagram! xx

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