Dah April?!

I looveeee April! Partly is because bonus is in and at the same time it’s Fiq’s big day too! It’s so difficult buying for men gifts.. I mean, they’re not like us ladies whereby we can just be pleased with a pair jewelry, handbags, shoes etc.. right? I got him a gift actually, but I think I shall keep it safe with me till I pass him his gift, this boy is full of surprises!

I am not surprise if he read my blog.. kan? πŸ˜€

Recently, Chanel did a collaborations with On Pedder for the recent Spring/Summer 2016 collections. I hope you guys have been there to catch the latest installations of the Airline Collection, something that is close to me. Basically the collection featured young blood series with full of desire to travel in style. Chanel is just being Chanel, you can never get enough of anything tweed and yes, to comfort is key!

Got myself a pair of espadrilles from this season. Something different from the usual leather and fabric. I opt for the tweed material cause I find it really classy with that shiny look on the tweed! Yeappp, I didnt splurge on anything else.. I know right, that is so not me!

Did mention the other day someone reach out to me in Orchard by calling my IG username?! YESSSS!! Terperanjat kakak kejap eh. Nak tegur but berrterabuh lah the pronounciation hahahahah! Not that I mind, just that I find it cute.

It’s SPO-LEKS-NI , repeat after me.. SPO-LEKS-NI.

I am so doing the Kendall look on you guys next time. HAHAHAH! Kidding!


Moving on to another chapter of mine, I have started trying to cut down on my meat intake. I know you guys gonna tell me what kind of merepek logik I am trying to put across?! Raya tak kan nak makan lontong sama lodeh aje?! APE SAJE LAH KAU.

I still have a long way to go kawan. Tak kan nari niat nak jadi vegan, besok terus jadi vegetarian? You all nie pon. Pelan-pelan kayu gurrrl. For a start, I’ve been separating the meat from the mains. Abit tedious cause I gotta goreng mine first and put aside before pouring out all the other ingredients onto the same wok. Which brings back memories to my nyai whereby she will put aside the noodle without the taugeh aside for me before throwing the taugeh into the mains.

Looky looky, who got the grandma perangai now. huh?

Presenting to you Brocoli + Cauliflower Aglio Olio (with honey glazed chicken by the side)

Sighhh, not helping when my family members looooveeeee to makan! Over the weekend we had a gathering (kenduri) to say some prayers to those of our family members that have left us in this dunya. Quite an emotional one for me because I have been living without a father for the past 28 years of my life and this made me miss my arwah Yai, because he was the only father figure I had throughout my growing up days.

anndd just like that, gone to waste lah my diet. Home made nasi ambeng guys! Tak payah nak beratur berjam-jam and complain lauk sikit too! Amek kau!

This one.. my ultimate weakness! Bagedils. Wait a minute, bagedil is vegan kan? HAHAHAHA! πŸ˜€

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