thirty two

I am not really good with keeping hints from Fiq especially when I am excited to gift it to him. On my last post, I actually blogged about getting his gift, some how Fiq figured I got something for him but he still doesn’t know what I actually got him. All along it’s been tugged somewhere in my wardrobe 😀

Since I couldn’t take a day off from work on his actual birthday, we went on a date on the eve of his birth date. While getting ready, I found our 365 days book which we have yet to open up our 2016 resolutions. 4 months late with 3 out of the 6 wishes scored, I think we did not too bad for 2015 eyyy? My favourite page has got to be 105. So many events happened on that page and I couldn’t be much more contented to what I have right now. Amin Amin Amin.

We were famished and decided to have our lunch out. I know Fiq is a true blue fan of Fish and Co, he brought me to the glasshouse outlet (which is my first time by the way!). I wish I had been to this place before, such a nice place to relax and hang out with friends. Sadly, it’s closing their outlet here some time in May. If you haven’t dine in here, here’s your chance guys!

  The above photo has got nothing to do with the birthday celebration. Just a random photo that Fiq took while we’re in the cab. Yeah, you would have guessed it, Vivy broke down again for the countless times. On me, Chilly Chill by Colourpop. Never thought this shade would look so good on me. I have never been a fan of those dark brown colour, but this worked like a charm! Got mine from the TheCosmetiqueWorld.

Finallyyyy! Gave him his gift and he couldn’t stop fiddling with it the moment he unwrapped it. I’d do anything for that smile on his face, really. So… what did I actually got him? An Apple Watch which I am itching to get one for myself. Have you seen the one in rose gold coating? So sleeeeeek pleaseeee ❤

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